Plughz, are a very lightweight non toxic foam ear plug for your equine partner. They have a slightly textured finish for slip resistance that is non irritating or ticklish like the sheepskin and acrylic ear plugs. This new style of ear plug is more dense-offering a better sound deadening quality and the foam easily shapes to the ear.


Plughz Equine Ear Plugs
Warmblood Size, 2 Pair

 All the same great qualities as our original horse Plughz but now made for XL ears.
NEW! Price: $14.99 NEW!


Plughz Equine Ear Plugs
Horse Size, 2 Pair Box

The original Plughz foam ear plug in horse size that fits most horses and large ponies.
Price: $14.99


Plughz Equine Ear Plugs
Pony Size, 2 Pair Box

 All the same great qualities as our original horse Plughz but now small and medium ponies.
Price: $14.99


Plughz XL Warmblood Size
10 Pair Stable Pack

Warmblood Plughz but in an economical and convenient 10 pair stable pack.
Price: $53.99 NEW!

StablePack Horse.jpg

Plughz  Horse Size
10 Pair Stable Pack

Our traditional horse ear plug but in 10 Pair package that is popular with barn managers and trainers.
Price: $53.99


Plughz  Pony Size
10 Pair Stable Pack

Pony Plughz but in economical and convenient 10 pair stable pack.
Price: $53.99



Plughz 1 Pair with Cord

Available with an eighteen inch cord attaching the two Plughz. Tuck the cord under your headstall and you will be sure to never lose them. Makes for easy removal. Popular for western riders and mounted shooting.
Price: $9.99

Plughz Sound Off Ear Net

Plughz Sound Off Ear Nets are classically styled and include ears lined with a sound reducing fabric. The sound proofing material is covered with a stretch fabric that resists dirt and provides ease of movement.

Other details include: hand knit cap, scalloped edge, a white contrasting cord, logo on the left ear. and a self fabric center piece for ease of customizing with our own embroidery.

Reducing the sound will naturally calm your horse and allow them to be more focused and perform better. Great for competition, trail riding, shipping or anytime you want a calm, relaxed and more focused horse that also will not be bothered by the bugs.

Available in Navy, Smoke, Chocolate, Cobalt, Ebony
Price: $44.99


Plughz Healthy Hoof Glaze

Finally! a show ring shine that is also good for the hoof! Plughz Healthy Hoof Glaze is made with 100% all natural ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals, dyes and acetones. It contains Vitamin E, Omega 3s, Omega 6, and Tea Tree Oil which are all important key nutrients for a healthy hoof. The compact hands free sponge applicator bottle is sure to be a ring side favorite.


- NO Acetones
- NO Chemicals
- NO Dyes
- NO Pine Tar
- NO Turpentine
- NO Petroleum Distillates
Made in the USA!
Available in easy, mess proof 4oz sponge applicator and traditional 8oz tub and brush cap.
4oz Price: $13.99
8oz Price: $21.99